Developing Sales Leadership and Coaching Acumen to Drive Greater Scale and Deliver Growth

The company services a variety of customers, including commercial, residential, industrial and specialized service industries to weekend do-it-yourselfers. The company recently experienced significant growth driven by strong economic conditions and needed to quickly scale its sales leadership team to continue to capitalize on market opportunities.

Business Challenge

Due to the rapid sales growth, the company realized that it needed to implement a sales leadership and coaching program to scale its current leadership team and to build a foundation to develop future sales leaders. In addition, the company wanted to move from a reactive to a more proactive sales model, improve the selling skills of a group of operationally focused leaders and accelerate the onboarding of new sales leaders.

Based on Symmetrics Group’s deep expertise in building elite sales teams and effective coaching programs, we were engaged to establish a sales leadership program and cadence to deploy to over 500 sales professionals.

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group engaged quickly and conducted several interviews with sales leaders and ride-alongs with sales reps in the field to better understand the company’s sales process and culture. As a result of the discovery process, Symmetrics Group and the client identified several areas of improvement, including how to more effectively execute territory and account planning, as well as how to better prepare for and conduct sales calls.

Based on leading sales practices and our understanding of “what good looks like,” the team developed a Sales Leadership and Coaching playbook to address these gaps and help the company’s sales leaders more effectively diagnose the competencies of their sales team to provide more effective coaching. The Symmetrics Group team focused on several coaching moments and identified what skills to assess along with a description of “effective” versus “ineffective” behaviors and suggested coaching tips to address common problems.

As a next step, Symmetrics Group designed a 2-day instructor-led workshop for sales leaders and a train-the-trainer program as a key step in driving adoption across the sales organization. Symmetrics Group then developed a national deployment strategy that would fully engage sales leaders across regions to help drive the Sales Leadership and Coaching program nationwide. Symmetrics Group is now preparing to facilitate over 30 workshops in support of the program.


While early in the deployment process, the company has experienced a significant increase in engagement from sales leaders and sales teams across the country as momentum builds in anticipation of the full implementation of the Sales Leadership and Coaching program. Symmetrics Group will continue to play an integral role in driving the overall launch and execution, and our team looks forward to tracking key metrics and reporting results in the coming months.

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