Global Alignment to Support Deployment

Financial Services | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a global investment management firm dedicated to helping their clients achieve long-term success.

Developing Sales Leadership and Coaching Acumen to Drive Greater Scale and Deliver Growth

Industrial Services | Sales Leadership | Sales Force Capability

Our client is one of the largest equipment rental companies in North America with over 500 locations nationwide.

Realigning the Sales Organization to Drive Greater Growth

Hospitality | Sales Strategy | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a leader in the hospitality industry serving the mid-priced extended stay segment. To increase sales production…

Consistent Opportunity Planning Yields Higher Close Rate

Industrial Services | Sales Leadership | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a national provider of power (power, gas, distributed generation, CNG and energy solutions) and is a significant player in all deregulated energy states…

Creating Value Beyond Price within a Commodity-Based Business

Industrial Services | Sales Force Capability | Sales Leadership

Our client is both a regulated natural gas utility and a dynamic participant in all un-regulated competitive energy markets. Utility operations include the…

Driving Go-to-Market Synergies across Strategic Acquisitions

Financial Services | Go-to-Market Strategy | Sales Force Organization | Sales Strategy

Our client is a ~$10B global specialized insurance and related services provider that sells across financial services…

Establishing a Culture of Sales Performance and Accountability

Consumer | Sales Force Capability | Sales Force Organization

Our client is a global auction business with services ranging from live auctions, online sales, private sales galleries, worldwide selling exhibitions, retail wine and diamonds, financing, and art education…

Developing Regional Sales Directors to Improve Overall Team Effectiveness

High Tech | Sales Force Capability | Sales Leadership

Our client is an IT services company based in the US with a global footprint, selling IT managed services, hosting, data center services, and IT consulting.

Transforming Sales in a Global Investment Management Firm

Financial Services | Sales Strategy | Sales & Marketing Integration | Sales Leadership | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a global investment management firm dedicated to helping their clients achieve long-term success.

Giving Strategic Accounts the Focus They Need to be Profitable

High Tech | Financial Services | Sales Strategy | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a $2.5B global software and IT company that provides services to institutions across virtually every segment of the financial services industry.

Optimizing a Global Hospitality Company’s Sales Organization

Hospitality | Sales Strategy

Our client franchises more than five thousand hotels, representing in excess of 500,000 rooms in the United States and 20+ other countries and territories.

A Global CPG Company Transforms Their Line Review Process

Consumer Packaged Goods | Sales & Marketing Integration | Sales Force Capability

Our client, a $7.4B global consumer products company, sells a range of brands across three segments: Outdoor Solutions, Consumer Solutions, and Branded Consumables.

Strategic Account Planning for Common Customers of Merged Sales Teams

Telecommunications | Strategic Account Planning

Our client’s sales leadership sought to grow their business across their top 100 common customers.

Sales Planning & Analytics for an International Hospitality Client

Hospitality | Sales Management

Our client added a sales planning function within Global Sales to their organizational structure and sales strategy.

Developing Standard Operating Procedures to Drive Strategic Sales Post-Merger

Energy | Sales Management

Our client, after a merger, sought to put systems in place to drive sales teams and managers towards a more strategic approach.

Creating a Cutting-Edge Sales Approach

High-Tech | Insight Selling

Our client wanted to cut through the technical complexity of its products and lead with relevant, data-driven customer insights.

Uncovering Multi-Million Sales Dollar Opportunities during Post-Merger Integration

IT Services and Telecom | Sales Force Organization

Looking to quickly drive sales growth in the wake of a strategic acquisition, our client’s sales leadership sought to integrate two sales forces and position them to win high-impact deals.

Standardizing the Sales Funnel Process across 50+ Operating Companies

 Industrial Equipment | Funnel Management

An $18 billion global manufacturer sought a best-in-class, consistent approach to funnel management.

Reflecting the Customer in the Sales Organization

Customer Centrism | Financial Software

Our client felt distanced from its diverse customer base. It wanted to re-familiarize the sales organization with its customers, and assess the resulting on the sales process and activities.

Science, not Art: Defining a Sustainable Sales Strategy through Analysis

High Tech (Hardware/Software) | Sales Strategy

Using resource analysis, Symmetrics Group identified opportunities and costs hidden in the client’s sales organization, forming the basis for long-term strategic planning.

Reinvigorating a Beloved Global Hospitality Brand

Hospitality | Sales Messaging & Value Proposition

Sales teams of this global hospitality leader were re-energized around their brand thanks to engaging internal selling stories.

Structuring a Critical New Sales Role for Success from Day One

Hospitality | Sales Planning

Symmetrics Group defined and created a new Sales Planning role that helped the client make more data-driven, performance-oriented decisions.

Using Customer Insights to Drive Value

Technology & Professional Services | Sales Strategy

Our client wanted to change the nature of its client interactions from product-centric to insights-based, thus elevating its value to customers and becoming a trusted adviser.

Expanding Sales Managers’ Coaching Skill Set

Financial Software | Sales Coaching

Our client’s first-level sales managers needed guidance in coaching their front-line sales teams in order to transform to a world-class sales organization.

Re-Energizing the Sales Strategy at a Century-Old Company

CPG | Sales Strategy

In an effort to bring their products to market more efficiently, this company sought the help of Symmetrics Group to evaluate their sales strategy and recommend a go-forward plan.

Boosting ROI in a Time of Uncertainty

High-Tech | Sales Strategy

This leading global provider of communications network technologies sought higher returns, but didn’t know where to begin. A thorough assessment of their sales force showed leadership where to make strategic changes to get on the right path.

Equipping the Sales Force to Close More Deals in the Pipeline

Healthcare | Sales Force Capability

As the end of the year drew near, our client’s  Advertising division wanted to ensure they were doing all they could to help the sales force win and be successful.

Helping a Non-Profit Chart a New Course in the Market

Non-Profit Financial Services | Sales Force Capability

Experiencing declining income, our client realized they needed to change their go-to-market approach, which included offering new products and services via a new sales force

Redesigning a European Sales Strategy and Territory Plan

Hospitality | Sales Force Capability

Our client sought to improve the coverage and efficiency of its sales territory plan in order to optimize the company’s account portfolio.

Building a Common Global Sales Model

Hospitality | Sales Force Capability

Our client needed to combine its many successful sales tools and processes with best-in-class practices in order to consistently win in the increasingly competitive global lodging market.

“Taking Off” Due to World-Class Sales Force Processes

Aerospace & Defense | Sales Force Transformation

After an acquisition, our client sought to establish a common sales process and account management approach to capitalize on its expanded capabilities across their combined customer base.

Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

CPG | Sales & Marketing Integration

Our client successfully launched an effort to build a bridge for better communication and collaboration between its sales and marketing organizations.

Shifting From Reactive to Proactive in Customer Outreach

CPG | Sales Force Capability

Our client wanted to transform its customer outreach from reactive to proactive, uncovering revenue opportunities and improving its market share within its existing customer base.

Transforming from a Portfolio of Companies to a Portfolio of Brands

CPG | Sales Strategy

Our client launched an effort to integrate its siloed organization into one streamlined operation, including consolidating five separate sales and marketing teams.

Transitioning from a Transactional to a Long-Term Revenue Mindset

Aircraft Maintenance | Sales Force Capability

Our client wanted to establish a formal sales process to enable the sales team to transition from a transactional mindset and create new, long-term revenue opportunities.

Implementing Consistent Sales Execution Best Practices

Information Technology | Sales Leadership

Our client, a global IP network and hosting provider, wanted to implement consistent best practices throughout its sales organization. The result was more effective sales execution, coaching and forecasting.

Sprouting New Sales Growth

CPG | Sales Leadership & Sales Force Capability

Our client’s sales team needed to transform their customer relationships from “What would you like to buy?” to “Here’s how we can help you grow.”