Developing Regional Sales Directors to Improve Overall Team Effectiveness

High Tech | Sales Force Capability | Sales Leadership

Our client is an IT services company based in the US with a global footprint, selling IT managed services, hosting, data center services, and IT consulting.

Giving Strategic Accounts the Focus They Need to be Profitable

High Tech | Financial Services | Sales Strategy | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a $2.5B global software and IT company that provides services to institutions across virtually every segment of the financial services industry.

Strategic Account Planning for Common Customers of Merged Sales Teams

Telecommunications | Strategic Account Planning

Our client’s sales leadership sought to grow their business across their top 100 common customers.

Creating a Cutting-Edge Sales Approach

High-Tech | Insight Selling

Our client wanted to cut through the technical complexity of its products and lead with relevant, data-driven customer insights.

Uncovering Multi-Million Sales Dollar Opportunities during Post-Merger Integration

IT Services and Telecom | Sales Force Organization

Looking to quickly drive sales growth in the wake of a strategic acquisition, our client’s sales leadership sought to integrate two sales forces and position them to win high-impact deals.

Reflecting the Customer in the Sales Organization

Customer Centrism | Financial Software

Our client felt distanced from its diverse customer base. It wanted to re-familiarize the sales organization with its customers, and assess the resulting on the sales process and activities.

Science, not Art: Defining a Sustainable Sales Strategy through Analysis

High Tech (Hardware/Software) | Sales Strategy

Using resource analysis, Symmetrics Group identified opportunities and costs hidden in the client’s sales organization, forming the basis for long-term strategic planning.

Using Customer Insights to Drive Value

Technology & Professional Services | Sales Strategy

Our client wanted to change the nature of its client interactions from product-centric to insights-based, thus elevating its value to customers and becoming a trusted adviser.

Expanding Sales Managers’ Coaching Skill Set

Financial Software | Sales Coaching

Our client’s first-level sales managers needed guidance in coaching their front-line sales teams in order to transform to a world-class sales organization.

Boosting ROI in a Time of Uncertainty

High-Tech | Sales Strategy

This leading global provider of communications network technologies sought higher returns, but didn’t know where to begin. A thorough assessment of their sales force showed leadership where to make strategic changes to get on the right path.

Equipping the Sales Force to Close More Deals in the Pipeline

Healthcare | Sales Force Capability

As the end of the year drew near, our client’s  Advertising division wanted to ensure they were doing all they could to help the sales force win and be successful.

Implementing Consistent Sales Execution Best Practices

Information Technology | Sales Leadership

Our client, a global IP network and hosting provider, wanted to implement consistent best practices throughout its sales organization. The result was more effective sales execution, coaching and forecasting.