Realigning the Sales Organization to Drive Greater Growth

Hospitality | Sales Strategy | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a leader in the hospitality industry serving the mid-priced extended stay segment. To increase sales production…

Optimizing a Global Hospitality Company’s Sales Organization

Hospitality | Sales Strategy

Our client franchises more than five thousand hotels, representing in excess of 500,000 rooms in the United States and 20+ other countries and territories.

Sales Planning & Analytics for an International Hospitality Client

Hospitality | Sales Management

Our client added a sales planning function within Global Sales to their organizational structure and sales strategy.

Reinvigorating a Beloved Global Hospitality Brand

Hospitality | Sales Messaging & Value Proposition

Sales teams of this global hospitality leader were re-energized around their brand thanks to engaging internal selling stories.

Structuring a Critical New Sales Role for Success from Day One

Hospitality | Sales Planning

Symmetrics Group defined and created a new Sales Planning role that helped the client make more data-driven, performance-oriented decisions.

Redesigning a European Sales Strategy and Territory Plan

Hospitality | Sales Force Capability

Our client sought to improve the coverage and efficiency of its sales territory plan in order to optimize the company’s account portfolio.

Building a Common Global Sales Model

Hospitality | Sales Force Capability

Our client needed to combine its many successful sales tools and processes with best-in-class practices in order to consistently win in the increasingly competitive global lodging market.