Developing Sales Leadership and Coaching Acumen to Drive Greater Scale and Deliver Growth

Industrial Services | Sales Leadership | Sales Force Capability

Our client is one of the largest equipment rental companies in North America with over 500 locations nationwide.

Consistent Opportunity Planning Yields Higher Close Rate

Industrial Services | Sales Leadership | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a national provider of power (power, gas, distributed generation, CNG and energy solutions) and is a significant player in all deregulated energy states…

Creating Value Beyond Price within a Commodity-Based Business

Industrial Services | Sales Force Capability | Sales Leadership

Our client is both a regulated natural gas utility and a dynamic participant in all un-regulated competitive energy markets. Utility operations include the…

Developing Standard Operating Procedures to Drive Strategic Sales Post-Merger

Energy | Sales Management

Our client, after a merger, sought to put systems in place to drive sales teams and managers towards a more strategic approach.

Standardizing the Sales Funnel Process across 50+ Operating Companies

 Industrial Equipment | Funnel Management

An $18 billion global manufacturer sought a best-in-class, consistent approach to funnel management.

“Taking Off” Due to World-Class Sales Force Processes

Aerospace & Defense | Sales Force Transformation

After an acquisition, our client sought to establish a common sales process and account management approach to capitalize on its expanded capabilities across their combined customer base.

Transitioning from a Transactional to a Long-Term Revenue Mindset

Aircraft Maintenance | Sales Force Capability

Our client wanted to establish a formal sales process to enable the sales team to transition from a transactional mindset and create new, long-term revenue opportunities.