The Lost Art of Handwriting


Article by: Warren Shiver

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The Lost Art of Handwriting

It occurred to me on vacation last week as my twin two year old nieces were playing on the iPad, that technology might make handwriting obsolete. With voice recognition becoming increasingly sophisticated (thank you Siri), we might be all dictating to our computing devices. In contrast, I returned home to find in the mail a hand-written thank you note from the carpet cleaning service that worked on our house two weeks ago. One of my 2012 resolutions has been to write at least one hand-written note per week (I’ve fallen down on that goal), and while it’s surprising to see this type of note in professional services, I was taken aback to receive one from CitruSolution Cobb.

Think about the last time you received (or gave) a hand-written thank you note. In the era of email, twitter, status postings, etc. this is a precious gift of time. When we work with clients that are in commodity markets (or close to), one of our mantra’s is: if you can’t differentiate what you sell, differentiate how you sell. This is a great example.

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