Transitioning from a Transactional to a Long-Term Revenue Mindset


Case Summary

Our client was an FAA-authorized overhaul facility that needed to implement structure into its sales process and sales team management. Symmetrics Group worked with business development leaders to implement a multi-faceted approach, which included training on selling skills, time management, communication and engagement, improved sales opportunity and account management analysis.

Business Challenge

The company had three locations throughout the United States. It needed to establish a formal sales process to enable the sales team to transition from a transactional mindset and create new, long-term revenue opportunities by elevating the level of their customer interactions and deepening their understanding of their customer’s business through implementing a more effective account planning process. Because its customers ranged the gamut, from single aircraft owners to corporate fleets, the sales team needed to be more in tune with the unique needs of their customer segments to better position the full complement of service offerings. This would require improved sales processes, sharpening the team’s communication skills and teaching the team better prioritization and time management.

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group began by interviewing business leaders and the sales team to understand the company’s challenges and priorities. A new sales process model was developed collaboratively with the team to meet the organization’s needs. Symmetrics Group then trained the sales team in a variety of areas, including listening skills, overcoming objections, negotiation, communication and presentation skills. Leveraging the HBDI tool, Symmetrics Group taught the team to identify thinking styles to better engage customers in productive selling conversations. A client-specific Sales Opportunity Scorecard was created and the team participated in account planning and maximization exercises that would enable better planning against sales goals. They also examined relationship and account “white space” to identify unexplored areas of opportunity within their customer base. Finally, Symmetrics Group led the team in time management exercises to ensure they aligned their time allocation with the right priorities and revenue generation activities.

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