Uncovering Multi-Million Sales Dollar Opportunities during Post-Merger Integration


Case Summary 

Symmetrics Group’s integration of two disparate sales forces and planning around their top 100 accounts delivered new, multi-million dollar sales opportunities out of the gate for our client.

Business Challenge

Our client had recently completed a strategic, $2.5 billion acquisition, which was viewed as critical to meeting their revenue and growth targets. The deal placed intense performance pressure on the sales leadership of the combined organization. Not only did the client need to cross-educate its sales forces on product knowledge, it also needed to marry and optimize the disparate sales models and account strategies of each company. The client engaged Symmetrics Group to design and lead the key post-acquisition sales planning activities.

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group identified new, key opportunities in the combined sales organization by:

  • Designing and facilitating an accelerated, one-day team planning session that focused on the top 50 strategic accounts from each sales organization;
  • Leading 100 joint account planning sessions across the US over a 6-month period;
  • Integrating the disparate sales models personnel to get the most sales productivity from the combined entity (1+1=3);
  • Creating opportunities for cultural “cross-pollenization”, knowledge transfer. and brand messaging via the joint planning sessions;
  • Producing new sales opportunities based on the combined account wisdom and synergy of the newly combined sales teams.


After only 1/3 of the sessions, 50% of the incremental sales funnel goal was achieved. Symmetrics Group and the account teams identified multiple new multi-million dollar sales opportunities (some $10M+) and created the high-level sales plans necessary for the teams to win them. The sessions also helped identify a few troubled accounts in immediate need of management attention.

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